NJ LadyFingers

(NJ) Normita Jeffery



'LadyFingers' as a stage name originated from the imagination of Normita Rodriguez Jeffery, bandleader.  She re-branded  "LadyFingers"  to "NJ LadyFingers" with the production of the "This Is What It Is" CD. 

NJ (her initials) is a classically trained pianist who decided to express herself by playing contemporary jazz, fusion, and a little R&B. As a soloist, Normita provided  piano solo musical entertainment for social occasions on a regular basis.  She later  was introduced to Sonjah Wise, a vocalist, and LadyFingers became a  duo. Currently NJ LadyFingers performs as a quintet.   Normita can also play a smokin' left hand keyboard bass if the situation calls.  NJ LadyFingers' sound is unique, between smooth jazz and fusion. Not your run of the mill club dance band. The music is inventive, unpredictable, but with a groove that gnaws on your insides, and comes forth with a "'Yesssss!! How did they do that with THAT (cover) song???"

   NJ LadyFingers' influence is from it's leader/keyboardist, Normita, who loves to arrange and re-arrange, and from the great UK sound of Incognito, Joe Sample, Donald Fagen, and harmonies that are strange, but nice!!! Normita also has a thriving piano instruction business that she manages from her home studio in Tampa, FL. She still  performs as a solo artist at many venues where classical piano programs are requested.

The current CD "This Is What It Is" is received great  reviews and response nationally and internationally,  even reaching the #2 spot on the UK Smooth Jazz AND soul charts. It is still being well received as more music fans are listening. Sales of the first CD, Eargasm" are remaining steady.

Sonjah Wise

Lead Vocals

NJ LadyFingers' lead vocals are delivered by a dynamic singer/performer who gets 'into' the song and sings her way around in it, through it, and out of it. A consumate performer, Sonjah has always been the lead vocalist for NJ LadyFingers. She adds a Broadway/Vegas styled performance as she sings.

Dave Wooten


In the pocket, and on the one, NJ LadyFingers is honored to have the talents of one of the area's finest drummers. His  skills are classic and he has  jazz/fusion styles that other drummers envy, a signature in the pocket style not often heard. Dave's forward thinking style is just one of his many skills. Welcome Dave!